I’ve never really understood the allure of the Podcast. It reminded me too much of boring talkback radio shows, however I subscribed to Garance Doré’s – Pardon My French Podcast when it first launched this year and since then have been a convert. It’s now one of the highlights of my week to find the latest episode downloaded on my iPhone, like a present being left in my post box or finding a much coveted magazine on the Newsstand.

Some of my favourite episodes so far:

  • How to Build a Brand Your Own Way with Grace Bonney & Anna Bond
  • Looking Back to Look Forward (celebrating 10 years of the blog) with Garance and Emily
  • The Wonderlust Child with Michael Kors
  • Friendship x Collaboration with Clare V and Mike D
  • Friendship, Support and Self-deprecation with Rose Byrne and Laura Brown
  • Creativity with Isaac Mizrahi
  • La Parisienne with Isabel Marant & Caroline de Maigret

Visit or subscribe to Pardon My French on iTunes.

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