In The Mix: Namaste

Patanjali said that “Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind”. A friend of mine recently signed-up to “Hip-Hop Yoga”, the practice of Vinyasa style Yoga to a Hip-Hop playlist which she tells me is “played really, really loud”. Now I love Hip-Hop and I love Yoga but when I think about Patanjali’s words above I’m not so sure how the two go together. On the other hand I’m no purist either. I’ve seen yoga evolve over the years, hey I even remember the days when there was no music played in class at all. And my friend really enjoys Hip-Hop Yoga, she say’s it’s fun and helps her put the stresses of her day behind her. So you could say through Hip-Hop Yoga she is practising the quieting of her mind. That said I think I might stick to more mellow tunes to practice my Asanas by.

Listen to the Playlist on: Apple Music

Midnight in a Perfect World – DJ Shadow
Night’s Interlude – Nightmares On Wax
Sweet Chance – Subground
Waking Bliss – Flight Facilities
Sapphire – Bonobo
Silver Cruiser – Röyksopp
Cirrus – Bonobo
Within – Daft Punk
True Love Waits – Radiohead
Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous – Cliff Martinez

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