In The Mix: Robot Love

My husband recently mentioned over breakfast as we listened to my iTunes on shuffle that a lot of my music sounds like “Robot Love”. His comment instantly made me think of those beautiful Peter Lindbergh photographs of Daft Punk and Dutch model Saskia de Brauw, so here it is, my playlist for Robots to fall in love by, and yes there’s a lot of Daft Punk who will forever be my instant crush.

Image: photograph by Peter Lindbergh for the December 2013 issue of M Le Monde.

Listen to the Playlist on: Apple Music

Beyond – Daft Punk
E=Mc2 – Giorgio Moroder Vs Talla 2xlc
The Game of Love – Daft Punk
Kids – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Instant Crush (featuring Julian Casablancas) – Daft Punk
Computer Love – Kraftwerk
Motherboard – Daft Punk
Celestial Annihilation – UNKLE
Veridis Quo – Daft Punk
Space Cadet – Flume
Digital Love – Daft Punk
Within – Daft Punk
Take Me Into Your Skin – Trentemøller
End of Line – Daft Punk
Brokendate – Com Truise
Doin’ It Right (featuring Panda Bear) – Daft Punk
Electrikboy – Three Maddkatt Courtship III

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