In Character: Greta Gerwig in 2Oth Century Women

Greta Gerwig’s Abbie in Mike Mill’s 20th Century Women, set in a sun-drenched and dreamy Santa Barbara in 1979, is a free-spirited, punk-loving artist with a penchant for wearing purple shorts and green tights, dying her hair red and dancing to Talking Heads, Devo and The Raincoats.

Dorothea: “What is that?” Abbie: “It’s The Raincoats.” Dorothea: “Can’t things just be pretty?” Jamie: “Pretty music is used to hide how unfair and corrupt society is.” Dorothea: “Ah, okay so… they’re not very good, and they know that, right?” Abbie: “Yeah, it’s like they’ve got this feeling, and they don’t have any skill, and they don’t want skill, because it’s really interesting what happens when your passion is bigger than the tools you have to deal with it. It creates this energy that’s raw. Isn’t it great?”

20th Century Women (2016) written and directed by Mike Mills, starring Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup and Lucas Jade Zumann.

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