Jasmine Crisp

I visited my hometown Adelaide in South Australia over the weekend and like most I ended my stay at Adelaide Airport on Monday morning, waiting for the fog to lift and the departure boards to announce the time of my delayed flight back to Melbourne. Rather than use this time to scroll though social media, take a nap on an uncomfortable airport departure lounge seat, or yell at airline staff who have absolutely no control over the weather, I chose to take in “She Talks to Rainbows”, one of four annual curated Art Exhibitions in Terminal 1 at Adelaide Airport, which brings together the works by seven South Australian Women Artists, including this incredibly rich and layered work by Jasmine Crisp which I couldn’t stop looking at and kept coming back to.

Image: Her Rituals Commenced After Five 2018, oil on canvas by Jasmine Crisp

She Talks To Rainbows, curated by Carollyn Kavanagh, showing at Adelaide Airport until 4th July 2018 and featuring art by:

Annette Bezos
Jasmine Crisp
Kate Kurucz
Julia Townsend
Laura Wills
Margaret Worth
Eleanor Zecchin

Visit Jasmine Crisp at: jasminelcrisp.com and @jasmine_crisp on Instagram.

Visit: adelaideairport.com.au

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