The Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project

I’ve been taking part in The Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project during lockdown in 2020. The Sketchbook Project is the “world’s largest library of artists’ books, crowd-sourced from every corner across the globe”.

I like to deconstruct ads and editorials from fashion magazines. Sometimes my collages work, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they tell a story. I enjoy the whole process, from finding the images, the cutting (which I find challenging, rewarding and weirdly relaxing at the same time), through to the final pasting. My sketchbook is a catalog of my thoughts and feelings during the period of lockdown, reaching a significant milestone in my life, reflecting on the lives of others around the globe, and dreaming of when we can travel again to far away places and vibrant new cities.

You can visit the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project to view their digital library of sketchbook collections at:

My Sketchbook Title: There’s a lot going on up here
My Sketchbook Theme: Catalog your feelings

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