Author: Lisa Kladouris

Word Up: Zadie Smith

“The streets of New York and London are the best shows I know, and nothing pleases me more than watching the people go by, their fascinating or outré or banal or bizarre self-conceptions made visible in fabric.” Zadie Smith, from “A Tale of Two Wardrobes”, British Vogue October 2019 Image: Photograph by Jackie Nickerson for T Magazine Visit: Visit:

Now We Live In Versailles

In the morning that followed the events of March 15, Lauren wondered about the man who made them happen. No crime was committed and no-one was physically hurt however his inexplicable actions set off a chain reaction of deceit and betrayal that could never be undone. “He was always such a sweet boy” said his mother, her hands trembling as she reached for her cup of Chamomile tea, spilling a little in the saucer. No, he wasn’t, thought Lauren. He was always trying to ruin an occasion or spoil someone’s moment, his mother just chose to look the other way. He was the only boy at school who lived in a mansion, a real one with tennis courts, an Olympic size swimming pool, a ballroom and butlers who tended to every need. He arrived at school drop-off in a Limousine and carried his books and possessions in a leather monogrammed brief case. On their first day at school Lauren told him she liked his jacket, a navy-blue pea coat his father bought him from his …