Author: Lisa Kladouris

A.P.C. Solveig Shoe

“There’s no place like home” whispered Astrid as she clicked the heels of her new pair of A.P.C. ruby Solveig shoes. She had listened to her date for hours talking only about himself, as though he didn’t think she had anything interesting or worth while to contribute to the conversation. “There’s no place like home” she whispered one more time, wishing she could teleport herself out of the restaurant and into a bar with a gin and tonic and her favourite indie rock band playing, far, far away. Image via: @apc_paris on Instagram Visit:

Gucci Style by Mégal Grouchka for Grazia France

“Yowzah! said Maxine out loud as she flicked through the pages of Grazia France on her lunch break and spotted Gucci Spring / Summer 2019 styled to absolute perfection. “It’s like women’s tailoring with a disco accent, and who doesn’t love a bit of disco” she thought to herself, wondering if she could ever pull off such a sophisticated and sassy look before acknowledging that yes, she definitely could. Image: Photograph by Sara Merz, Stylist Mégal Grouchka Visit Sara Merz at: and Mégal Grouchka @megal.g on Instagram Visit:

Collage by Women: 50 Essential Contemporary Artists

Curated by Spanish collage artist Rebeka Elizegi, Collage by Women presents 50 women collage artists from around the globe, including Annegret Soltau, Rozenn Le Gall, Caro Mantke, Eva Eun-Sil Han, Eugenia Loli, Sarah Eisenlohr, Isabel Reitemeyer, Olivia Descampe or Linden Eller, and one of my favourites, Deborah Stevenson. Collage by Women by Rebeka Elizegi, published by Promopress. Visit Rebeka Elizegi at: Follow Deborah Stevenson’s collage works on Instagram @deborahstevensonartist

Word Up: W. S. Merwin from Once in Spring

A sentence continues after thirty years it wakes in the silence of the same room the words that come to it after the long comma existed all that time wandering in space as points of light travel unseen through ages of which they alone are the measure and arrive at last to tell of something that came to pass before they ever began or meant anything W. S. Merwin from Once in Spring, via The Paris Review. Visit:

L’Officine Universelle Buly Hand and Foot Cream

As Beatrice sat down that Monday morning and set-up her desk for the day, notebook and monogrammed leather pencil-case to her right, water bottle, keep cup and hand cream grouped thoughtfully together in the corner to her left, she smiled in the satisfaction that everything on her desk was just how it should be. Clean, simple, organised, and with a sense of style that Beatrice liked to call “professional chic”. As she sat there relishing her moment of contentment and bliss Beatrice opened her tube of hand cream, and massaged a generous amount into her hands. At exactly 8:35am Delphine, the only competition in the office for Beatrice on a sartorial level, set her bag down on her desk and took out the most exquisite blue tube of hand cream that Beatrice had ever seen. As Delphine massaged a teaspoon amount into her hands, Beatrice placed her tube of hand cream back into her bag, and spent the morning on google searching for the exquisite blue tube of hand cream which wouldn’t look out-of-place in …

In Character: Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash

While Tilda Swinton’s famous rockstar Marianne Lane remains mostly silent during her stay on the remote Sicilian island of Pantelleria in Luca Guadagnino’s 2015 film “A Bigger Splash”, her summer holiday wardrobe by then creative director of Christian Dior Raf Simons speaks absolute volumes. Harry Hawkes (Ralph Fiennes) on Marianne: “She’s the woman of the century. And I’m talking about her soul now.” A Bigger Splash 2015, Directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Tilda Swinton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes and Dakota Johnson. Last image (below): Photographed by Giulio Ghirardi via Another Magazine Visit: