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William Eggleston Portraits

If you are in Melbourne during April to June this year make sure you catch William Eggleston Portraits at the NGV. William Eggleston is often described as the pioneer of colour photography and an inspiration for Sofia Coppola who describes viewing his work as “having your breath taken away”. William Eggleston Portraits part of the NGV Festival of Photography until 18 June 2017. Visit:

The Neon Demon One Night Only Screening

The Neon Demon polarised audiences at the Cannes Film Festival this year and judging by the conversations heard on my way out of the screening at the Astor Theatre last weekend its a film that continues to do so. Yes there are a few scenes that are shocking and uncomfortable to watch (for those who have seen it you will know exactly which scenes I am referring to) however I couldn’t help feeling energised and excited as I left the cinema. The Neon Demon speaks to all the senses through Nicolas Winding Refn’s visual style which is both beautiful and perverse, and a spooky score by Cliff Martinez reminiscent of 70s/80s electronica music that wouldn’t seem out of place in Dario Argento’s Suspiria or John Carpenter’s Halloween. The Neon Demon is a horror film in the true sense, its beautiful, crazy, brutal, darkly comic at times and isn’t afraid to shock or push the boundaries – for me that’s what makes it a really, really exciting film. The Neon Demon 2016, Directed by Nicolas Winding …

Italian Jewels: Bulgari Style

Apparently Richard Burton famously quipped that in the nine months Elizabeth Taylor spent in Rome filming Cleopatra, she learned just one word of Italian — ‘Bulgari’. Italian Jewels: Bulgari Style, a free exhibition at the NGV International until 29 January 2017. Necklace 1967, Bulgari Heritage Collection, Rome (MUS0207). Photo: Antonio Barrella Studio Orizzonte Visit:

Drive 5th Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack Launch and Screening

Drive turns five. It seems like only yesterday that I sat in a movie theatre, large popcorn in my lap, excited and anxious to see a film that everyone was talking about. Drive was (and still is) a mesmerising experience. I thought about it for days after I saw it and couldn’t wait to download the soundtrack from iTunes, which is iconic in itself. Drive 2011. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks. Soundtrack by Cliff Martinez, featuring College, Kavinsky and Desire. Vinyl launch party with 35mm Film Screening at the Astor Theatre, Tuesday 15 November 2016. Visit:

Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists

Victor&Rolf: Fashion Artists opened at the NGV International this week.  The exhibition is curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot who also curated the The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV in 2014-15. Last night Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren appeared in conversation with curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot in the Great Hall at the NGV and I feel so very blessed to have been able attend.  As did the many fashion students in the crowd who were given the opportunity at the end of the conversation to ask Victor&Rolf their burning questions, such as: how do they achieve their super scientific pattern making; what is the secret to their successful collaboration; and what advice would they give to someone just starting a career in fashion – their advice “create something that no-one has created before, be original and forge your own path”. These words struck a chord with me as I wandered through the exhibition afterwards.  Victor&Rolf are artists, originals and avant-garde in the true sense. Victor & Rolf: Fashion Artists is on at the NGV International until 26 February 2017. …


More Good Times

I’m not one of those people who likes to hark back to the good old days. In my mind there’s a lot of interesting things happening right now. However, I sometimes dream about having the power to time travel, to go back and relive a particular experience in a particular time and place, one that was so good that I wouldn’t want to change a thing, like: dancing until dawn in a London club with great friends, to great music that gave me goosebumps; that first view of the Manhattan Skyline travelling from JFK Airport to the hotel on my first trip to New York; getting seriously lost wandering around the canals in Venice, Italy but loving it anyway; discreetly following Geishas through Gion in Kyoto, Japan and ending up in a tiny bar, seating only six people, sipping Sake and singing Karaoke; watching the sunrise at the top of a Volcano in Haleakala National Park on the Island of Maui, Hawaii; and watching the sunset on Sairee Beach in Koh Tao, Thailand. These are …

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet 30th Anniversary Screening

I remember the first time I saw Blue Velvet. I had a friend who worked part-time at a Blockbuster Video store, who would bring home movies for us to watch on a Sunday afternoon after a long night of clubbing. We would dance until dawn, sleep in until late and spend the rest of the day lying on the sofa, eating junk food and watching her movie pick of the week. So one particular slothful Sunday we watched Blue Velvet. We really didn’t know anything about it at the time however one of our favourite actors had cited it as being his favourite film. After the credits finished rolling and we’d both taken a moment to let it all sink in we couldn’t believe what we had just seen, so we watched it again. On our third viewing of Blue Velvet that day we were hooked, and on our fourth we were David Lynch fans forever. Blue Velvet, 1986. Directed by David Lynch, starring Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper and Laura Dern. Blue Velvet …