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Shopping Cart: Tartan & Plaid

Clockwise from top-left: Ruslan Baginskiy Embroidered Prince of Wales Checked Wool Cap; Ganni Cats-eye Acetate Sunglasses; Gucci G-Timeless Web-stripe Watch; Fendi Runaway Large Raffia-trimmed Woven Leather Tote; Mara Hoffman Plaid Mustard-print Tie-side Bikini Briefs; Burberry Fringed Checked Cashmere-twill Scarf; Mara Hoffman Plaid Mustard-print Halterneck Bikini Top; Burberry Leather-trimmed Checked Drill Cardholder; Sara Battaglia Checked Wool Shorts; Gucci Beetle Necklace; Dries Van Noten Checked Canvas Pumps; Burberry Beauty: Burberry Kisses Sheer Lipstick in Bright Pink No. 233; and Gucci Prince of Wales Checked Wool-blend Blazer. Gucci Watch and Necklace; and Mara Hoffman Bikini Briefs and Top via: All other Shopping Cart items via:

A.P.C. Solveig Shoe

“There’s no place like home” whispered Astrid as she clicked the heels of her new pair of A.P.C. ruby Solveig shoes. She had listened to her date for hours talking only about himself, as though he didn’t think she had anything interesting or worth while to contribute to the conversation. “There’s no place like home” she whispered one more time, wishing she could teleport herself out of the restaurant and into a bar with a gin and tonic and her favourite indie rock band playing, far, far away. Image via: @apc_paris on Instagram Visit:

Golden Years

They first met at the studio on Matherson Road where gold discs lined the walls among photographs of musicians from the past and present, and where every object from the ceramic pieces grouped thoughtfully in three’s on side tables and benches, to the olive-green sofa she was sitting on suggested real style doesn’t fade and certainly never dates. She had just turned twenty-three and was nursing a hangover from the evening before. She saw him standing in the corner next to a photograph of a tall, slender man holding a trumpet to his lips, back arched and head tilted backwards as though caught in the moment before he was just about to play. He turned to look at the photograph and studied it as if he knew who the trumpet player was, and then looked towards her and smiled. He was hiding his face behind a long, floppy fringe which he ran his fingers through like a comb and tucked behind his ear, revealing the most intriguing eyes she had ever seen. Beautiful, kind, yet …

Ask Fallon: My husband is leaving me for our Interior Designer

Ask Fallon, solving unreal problems for unreal people. Fallon Carrington Colby is an Heiress, Hotel Manager and Interior Designer. She lives in Denver Colorado with her long-suffering husband Jeff and their two dogs Misty and Jensen. Dear Fallon My husband is the founder and owner of a successful Tech Firm in San Francisco where we have lived for the past ten years in our beautiful house in Pacific Heights. Last year we bought an apartment in New York so we can have a home away from home when we are there for business (I’m the screenwriter for a popular daytime soap) and my husband asked me to hire an Interior Designer to help give our pied-à-terre a much needed make-over. After months of searching a friend recommended “Izabel” (no surname, she is only known by her first name) a Brazilian Model/Interior Designer who had recently transformed her home in Palm Springs. Now three months into the project our New York apartment is in complete disarray and my husband tells me that a) he is selling …