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Gucci Ophidia Bag

Janice always marched to beat of her own drum. To describe her style as eclectic was an understatement and to define her look on any given day could be perplexing for those with no imagination. However on a beautiful sunny day as Janice walked home from work there it was in the window at Gucci – the perfect companion for every outfit and one which truly spoke to her go-paint-something-geek-chic self, the Gucci Ophidia bag. Gucci Ophidia bag featuring the double G detail, an archival Gucci code from the 70’s. Visit:


ZANZAN Eyewear is designed in London and handmade in Northern Italy, and founded by eyewear lovers Megan Trimble and Gareth Townshend whose focus is on making sure the wearer has “the feeling of wearing something really special every time they wear their ZANZANs”. Visit: Image via: @zanzaneyewear on Instagram (my favourite Instagram Account right now!).