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L’Officine Universelle Buly Hand and Foot Cream

As Beatrice sat down that Monday morning and set-up her desk for the day, notebook and monogrammed leather pencil-case to her right, water bottle, keep cup and hand cream grouped thoughtfully together in the corner to her left, she smiled in the satisfaction that everything on her desk was just how it should be. Clean, simple, organised, and with a sense of style that Beatrice liked to call “professional chic”. As she sat there relishing her moment of contentment and bliss Beatrice opened her tube of hand cream, and massaged a generous amount into her hands. At exactly 8:35am Delphine, the only competition in the office for Beatrice on a sartorial level, set her bag down on her desk and took out the most exquisite blue tube of hand cream that Beatrice had ever seen. As Delphine massaged a teaspoon amount into her hands, Beatrice placed her tube of hand cream back into her bag, and spent the morning on google searching for the exquisite blue tube of hand cream which wouldn’t look out-of-place in …

Gucci Ophidia Bag

Janice always marched to beat of her own drum. To describe her style as eclectic was an understatement and to define her look on any given day could be perplexing for those with no imagination. However on a beautiful sunny day as Janice walked home from work there it was in the window at Gucci – the perfect companion for every outfit and one which truly spoke to her go-paint-something-geek-chic self, the Gucci Ophidia bag. Gucci Ophidia bag featuring the double G detail, an archival Gucci code from the 70’s. Visit:


As Juliette walked towards the group of protesters her heart began to race. There they were, in their thousands, her sisters, her kindred spirit fashionistas carrying banners and signs, and crying out for the return of their beloved Phoebe Philo-era CÉLINE. There was Camille in her scarf-print silk shirt from Spring/Summer 2011; Celeste in her plaid laundry bag coat from Autumn/Winter 2013; Lucie in her brush stroke print dress from Spring/Summer 2014; Ines in her glove shoes from Spring Summer 2015; Valentine in her slip dress from Spring/Summer 2016; and Romy with her Trapeze bag in one hand and red posca pen in another, who’d spent the morning roaming the streets defacing posters for the new CELINE campaign. “Bring back Phoebe, long live CÉLINE!”. If you have strong feelings of nostalgia and have trouble relating with the new CELINE you can follow @oldceline on Instgram. Image: Barrettes from CÉLINE Spring 2015.


Herbivore Botanicals describes their new Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion as “part essence, part serum, pure potion”. Containing naturally exfoliating fruit acids combined with hydrating vegan Sodium Hyaluronate, soothing Rosewater and brightening Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum, a rainbow of ingredients for your skin. Visit:


I remember my first trip to New York. I was living in London at the time, it was my birthday, and the first thing I wanted to do as soon as we landed at JFK Airport was to visit the Kate Spade store and treat myself to one of her bags. This was pre-2006 before Kate Spade sold the company and it turned into the multi-million dollar business that it is today. I remember walking into the store in Soho, and seeing it for the first time: a black fabric tote with the most exquisite embroidery on the front (not frou-frou at all, more vintage boho-chic), sassy pink lining on the inside and glossy cane handles that reminded me of an antique umbrella. I fell in love with that bag there and then. I’ve seen many similar stories shared on social media today following Kate Spade’s sad passing, I really hope she knew how much joy she gave to so many women.